Intelligent Antenna

Adopting the cutting-edge on-board Ethernet hardware scheme and combining AVB software communication protocol, it integrates rich wireless functions, simplifies the development cost of other electronic components and reduces the cost of the whole vehicle system.It can be developed jointly with car factories to match the needs of different schemes and meet the the high, medium and low-end needs.

Product Advantage

  • Stable performance

    it is composed of antenna (shark fin) and TCU module in modular design, reducing development cost and improving product stability

  • AVB protocol

    it reserves the functional design supporting AVB protocol to ensure the stability of transmission

  • Rich wireless functions

    it has rich wireless functions: LTE, WIFI, GNSS, FM/AM, BT, BLE, RKE, V2X

  • Low cost

    it minimizes the distance between TCU module and antenna, shortens RF connecting wire and reduces the cost of the whole vehicle

  • Customizable development

    customizable development and joint development can be carried out according to customer needs, and private protocols can be customized for customers.